Apartment D-1001

Apartment layout




Apartment price

279 615 USD


One bedroom apartment (2+kitchenette)

After entering the hallway you can access an above-standard dressing room and then on the right there is an entrance to the bathroom and toilet. Further down the hallway you step into the dining area with a kitchenette and a living area. The bedroom is separate. The apartment has a corner balcony with direct and side sea views. Thanks to a double extra bed the apartment is suitable for 3 adults or two adults and two children.

The premises are fully equipped with luxury furniture, sanitary ware and European quality technologies with an emphasis on feng shui combined with a modern world design.

Total area
61.8 m2
Apartment area
47.3 m2
Balcony area
14.5 m2

List of apartments on the floor

Apartment number Total area Area of the apartment Balcony area Price Status
Apartment D-1004 43.8 m2 36.3 m2 7.5 m2 197 085 USD Sold More informations
Apartment D-1003 42.7 m2 36.7 m2 6 m2 192 360 USD Available More informations
Apartment D-1002 42.7 m2 36.7 m2 6 m2 192 360 USD Sold More informations
Apartment D-1001 61.8 m2 47.3 m2 14.5 m2 279 615 USD Sold More informations
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