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For those interested in buying an apartment, we have prepared an opportunity to travel with us to Georgia and see the ongoing construction of Magnetic Beach Resort and the completed model apartments for yourself. In addition, we will also give you a “taste” of other Georgian beauties and a chance to experience this unique investment opportunity.

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Choose your own date from the place closest to you.
Here are some variants of direct flights:

from Vienna to Kutaisi and back

  • Saturday at 6:20, arrival in Kutaisi at 11:35
  • Tuesday at 12:10, arrival in Vienna at 13:40

from Prague to Kutaisi and back

  • Sunday at 21.35, arrival in Kutaisi at 2:55
  • Sunday at 19:20, arrival in Prague at 21:05

from Katowice to Kutaisi and back

  • Tuesday at 6.20, arrival in Kutaisi at 11:40
  • Thursday at 6.00, arrival in Kutaisi at 11:20
  • Saturday at 6.20, arrival in Kutaisi at 11:40
  • Tuesday at 12.15, arrival in Katowice at 13:55
  • Thursday at 12.10, arrival in Katowice at 13:50
  • Saturday at 12.25, arrival in Katowice at 13:50

Flights can change due to high occupancy. Therefore we recommend checking everything with the airlines before planning your arrival.

Travel program:
Accommodation in Magnetic Beach Resort
Visit the dendrological park
Tour to Batumi
Lunch and dinner together and lots of experiences

Are you interested in flying with us to Georgia?

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    Magnetic Beach Resort is now open. You can visit the hotel website here.